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How Much Is Your Pet Worth? The Georgia Supreme Court Says…

How much is your pet worth to you? It’s a question that many pet owners wouldn’t be able to answer because the right pet is more valuable to its owner than all the money in the world. However, that can make it pretty hard to handle a court case involving the loss of a pet, but our state’s Supreme Court was up to that challenge. Did The Georgia Supreme Court Set A Price On Pets? When a Georgia family boarded their dogs at the Barking Hound Village for 10 days, they didn’t expect that one of the dogs would have kidney failure when they returned. However, their 8 ½-year-old dachshund mix was returned to them with damaged kidneys, and nine months later, their beloved pet succumbed to her illness. Now this Georgia family says that Barking Hound Village is responsible for their pet’s death and the $67,000 they spent treating…
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Does Georgia Have Enough Judges?

The word for Georgia’s court system is “upgrade,” or at least that’s what Governor Nathan Deal is recommending. Gov. Deal has submitted a plan to help improve our state’s justice system, and he calls it the Georgia Appellate Jurisdiction Review Commission, but will this plan help to bring the Georgia courts into the 21st century? Does The Georgia Supreme Court Need A New Home? The Governor’s plan suggests building a new home for the Georgia Judiciary. The building would exclusively house the workings of the state’s courts—which would be the first time the judiciary wouldn’t have to share a building with other branches of government. Plus, the new building would offer the latest in technological advancement and provide room for the courts to expand, something the old building just wasn’t designed to do. Does Georgia Have Enough Judges? Currently the number of judges in Georgia has only increased by 16…
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McArthur Law Firm Set to Appear in Georgia Supreme Court

Personal Injury Attorneys Katherine L. McArthur and Caleb F. Walker, both of the McArthur Law Firm will travel to Atlanta to argue before the Georgia Supreme Court. The story can be read HERE.

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