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Georgia Man Dies in Chemical Plant Explosion

An Augusta man recently died after suffering serious injuries in an explosion at a Georgia chemical plant. Authorities say that a welding accident led to the ignition of a stationary liquid tank. The explosion threw the 29-year-old man over 75 feet to his death. Two other workers were also thrown from the tank and were hospitalized due to chemical exposure and burns. OSHA is conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances that gave rise to the accident. What to Do If You Lose a Loved One in a Workplace Accident Working in a chemical plant exposes workers to some dangers not present in other workspaces. However, some injuries and deaths that occur in chemical plants are caused by negligence. Under the law, a person has committed negligence if they breach a duty of care they have to others and that breach leads to injury. Tragically, even small acts of negligence…
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What Caused the School Explosion in Minneapolis, MN?

On August 2, 2017, an explosion rocked the Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis. Shocking photos of the scene show a massive chunk of the school completely collapsed, with sporadic support beams rising like towers from the rubble. The explosion killed two staff members and injured several others. School was not in session at the time of the explosion. If it had been, there could have been many more victims. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the site of the accident shortly after the explosion. According to officials, the cause of the extensive damage was likely a natural gas explosion. The NTSB will continue to investigate, looking specifically at whether the explosion occurred during the moving of a gas meter. The NTSB is known for investigating plane, train and automobile crashes. But pipeline safety is also the purview of the NTSB. Full reports on incidents like this typically take up to…
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