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How Were People Maimed While Riding the Hogwarts Express?

Going to a theme park is supposed to be a magical experience that takes you away from the stresses of your daily life. But sometimes these parks don’t live up to expectations. The weather can turn, or park rides can be unsafe, but do you ever worry about your fellow park goers? Do you ever worry about the things those people bring with them? Defective Products Derail the Fun on the Hogwarts Express A family of five from Tennessee had arrived in Florida to have fun at the Universal Orlando theme park. While there, they boarded the Hogwarts Express, which takes guests to and from the Islands of Adventure park. They entered the train ride and took a cabin with three teenage boys, but something went wrong. At around three in the afternoon—as the ride travelled between parks—something exploded in the cabin. One of the boys had an e-cigarette in…
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