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Are E-Cigarettes Really Safer Than the Real Thing?

He was on his lunch break when he suddenly felt an itching, burning sensation in his leg. That’s when a father of two from Breman looked down and saw his pants were on fire and that was only the beginning of an ordeal that will leave you wondering… Are e-cigarettes really safer than normal cigarettes? E-Cigarettes Might Not Be as Safe as You Think Months ago this man from Breman had taken up e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking. However, his health conscious decision put him in more danger than he could have imagined. While at work, the man had his e-cigarette’s batteries in his pocket when they suddenly exploded. In a panic, the man pulled the batteries out of his pocket and dropped them to the floor. They melted the linoleum tiles they landed on. The man suffered second and third degree burns on his hand and leg,…
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