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Are Self-Driving Cars Really As Safe As Experts Claim?

The year 2020 is when Google plans to release its automated road-ready vehicles. So far, its cars have racked up 1.3 million miles of testing from California to Texas, and those cars have only been involved in 17 crashes—all of which were attributed to human errors. However, this record may have been ruined by the latest crash involving Google’s autonomous vehicles. Are Self-Driving Cars Really As Safe As Experts Claim? For months, experts have been talking about how the automated vehicle—also called an AV—is going to revolutionize driving by reducing wrecks, decongesting traffic and by taking unsafe drivers from behind the wheel, but some aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid. Some automotive journalists are beginning to question if the Google car can compensate for human intuition, and if it can’t, will it truly be safe to drive out on the open road? On Valentine’s day, a Google car sideswiped a bus in…
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