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Will a New Georgia Distracted Driving Law Save More Lives?

On July 1st, a new distracted driving law went into effect here in Georgia. This law was made in response to an increasing problem that the 2010 texting while driving law wasn’t addressing. But will this new law succeed where the old one failed? The fighting attorneys from Macon want to find out. Can a New Georgia Distracted Driving Law Succeed Where the Last One Failed? Since 2010, the number of automotive crashes in Georgia have gone up. Officials blamed these increasing numbers on distracted driving, but Georgia passed no texting while driving laws back in 2010. So, what happened? In December of 2017, Georgia’s House of Representatives released a report about the distracted driving problem. That report claims that police and highway patrol had trouble enforcing the law because they could not tell if drivers were texting or just dialing the telephone. This loophole is one of many closed…
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Why Was the Snapchat Speed Filter Lawsuit Revived?

Over a year ago, we brought you the story of an Uber driver who had been hit at over 100 mph. The driver of that car was allegedly using Snapchat at the time of the crash. So, the wife of the Uber driver sued Snapchat, but the judge dismissed the claim. Now, an appeals court has handed down a ruling about the Snapchat speed filter—reigniting an almost forgotten case. The Resurrection of the Snapchat Speed Filter Lawsuit When the wife of the Uber driver who sustained a traumatic brain injury filed a lawsuit against Snapchat, the case was met with skepticism. The judge overseeing the lawsuit ruled that under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), Snapchat could not be held liable for the speed filter post. This is because the CDA protects internet service providers from liability when it comes to the creation and publication of content made…
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What to Know About Georgia’s New Distracted Driving Law

Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 673 (Hands-Free Georgia Act), Georgia’s distracted driving law. Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents in our state and across the US. Georgia’s new law was passed in remembrance of five Georgia Southern University nursing students who died in a 2015 truck accident. The truck’s driver later admitted that he was using a mobile phone before the crash. Under the new law, drivers must use “hands-free” technology if they are using mobile phones or other electronic devices while driving. You cannot perform the following actions once the new law goes into effect: Holding (or supporting with any part of the body) an electronic device. Smart watches do not count. Writing, sending or reading text-based communications. This includes emails, text messages, instant messages or other internet data while holding your device. Watching videos or movies that are not related to the navigation of…
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