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What Would You Do If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth?

A 9-year-old arrived home late after what his mother thought was a typical day at school, but when she saw the boy, she knew something wasn’t right. Her son’s face was swollen and when she opened his mouth she discovered that three of his teeth were missing. Worst of all, she discovered that the boy’s school was responsible. What If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth? At a Baltimore elementary school, a dental program was visiting. The program sent notices to the parents of the children who went to the school, along with a permission form. The mother of this 9-year-old thought the permission slip was for a tooth cleaning, so she signed it. However, that slip was for far more than a routine tooth cleaning. The dental program removed three of the boy’s teeth in a procedure that took so long the boy missed his bus home. That forced…
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Why Do Georgia Dental Malpractice Victims Have To Wait Years For Justice?

It was another normal day for a Floyd County mother when she took her daughter in to see the dentist. The girl was only 1-year-old, and fresh to the experience of a dental office, but this visit would become a baptism by fire. Why Do Georgia Dental Malpractice Victims Have To Wait Years For Justice? When the 1-year-old left the exam room, she was crying and inconsolable. The girl’s mother quickly discovered that her child’s mouth was full of blood, and the girl’s top teeth were simply “hanging on top.” The woman quickly whisked her child away from the office and reported the dentist to the Georgia Board of Dentistry (GBD). It took almost 4 years for the board to act on the complaint. The mother filed her complaint in 2012, the GBD took action against the dentist in July 2015. He was put on probation and fine $11,500, but…
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