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What Do I Do If My Child Is Injured at Day Care?

What would you do if you brought your child home from day care and discovered that he or she was injured? This scenario recently occurred in Atlanta, when a woman arrived at her child’s care center to find a golf-ball sized knot on his head. The day care workers claimed that no one knew what had happened. Fearing that something had gone wrong, the mother took her child to the hospital, where X-rays revealed that the child, only one year old, had suffered a skull fracture. The Georgia Department of Early Learning is investigating the incident. The daycare has a history of violations, with at least 17 citations since 2013. These citations came from a variety of offenses, including failing to check fingerprint records for employees and for putting up fencing that was declared hazardous to children. The day care has since closed, claiming that low attendance, not neglect or…
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