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Was Reckless Driving the Reason A Child Lost Her Life?

On January 29th, a school bus on it’s way to Parkwood and Pearl Stephens Elementary schools crashed on Forest Park Drive. The crash sent several students to the hospital and parents rushed to find out if their kids were safe. However, one couple received unbearable news that has led them to filing a lawsuit against the school district for reckless driving. How Is a School District Responsible for a Bus Crash? It was early in the morning as a 2000 model-year Bluebird bus owned by the Houston County School System was making its rounds. Several students were already on board, awaiting their final stops as the bus came to a bend in Forest Park Drive. Those kids wouldn’t make it to school that day. According to police, the bus entered that corner too quickly, which forced the vehicle off of the roadway. Once off road, the bus tipped onto its…
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Should Georgia School Buses Use Three-Point Seatbelts?

The driver of a school bus that crashed in Chattanooga, Tennessee in late 2016 was recently found guilty of six counts of negligent homicide. In November 2016, the school bus was carrying 37 elementary school students when it tipped over and crashed into a tree. Six children died in the crash. In another crash that occurred in late January, a Houston County school bus overturned while transporting 35 students. One student died in the crash and multiple others suffered injuries. School buses use compartmentalization to protect students from the impact forces caused by a collision This is why many large school buses do not have seat belts. High seatbacks with padding, close seating and energy-absorbing technology can sometimes protect bus occupants during a wreck. However, compartmentalization cannot protect children in crashes like those that occurred in Chattanooga and Houston County. Rollover crashes can kill or severely injure school bus occupants…
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