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Is My Loved One Safe in a Nursing Home? Video Sparks Elder Abuse Investigation

Tragically, every year, nursing home residents suffer abuse in Georgia and throughout the country. Earlier this month, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department launched an elder abuse investigation after an employee of a LifeHOUSE elder care facility in Vista, Calif. was accused of using her cellphone to take a video of a patient getting in the shower then posting it online. The Snapchat video shows a partially nude woman from the shoulders up while an employee stands behind her laughing. The Sheriff’s Department said both employees are now suspended without pay and could face charges of elder abuse and computer crime. The allegations were brought to LifeHOUSE Executive Director Sharron Clark, who asked the staff member suspected of posting the video about it. The employee confirmed she was helping to give the woman, who has dementia, a shower when the photo was taken. However, she insisted that she didn’t take any photos…
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Timing is Crucial in Car Wreck Cases

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney to begin an investigation after your car wreck?  Nothing. The McArthur Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless and until you get paid. It costs you nothing to hire an attorney at the McArthur Law Firm to begin the investigation of your case. It could cost you your chance to recover from an at-fault party if you wait to contact a lawyer. If you are hurt in a car wreck, your primary concern in the days – and often weeks – following the wreck is your physical condition.  It should be.  You need to be seeking immediate medical treatment to determine what injuries you sustained in the wreck and be sure you are following instructions from those medical providers about recommended follow-up treatment.  Your physical condition is always your first priority, and it is…
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