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Road Debris Causes Hundreds of Central Georgia Accidents Annually

Have you ever had to swerve out of the way of a sudden piece of debris in the road? Have you ever been driving behind a flatbed truck and worried whether the cargo on the back was truly secure? Or worse – has your car ever been struck by a flying object that shouldn’t have been in the road? According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, from 2014 to 2016, 813 accidents occurred in Central Georgia due to flying debris on the roads. In those accidents, 66 people suffered injury and four died. Police say that these accidents can be difficult to investigate, because often the vehicles that drop the debris are long gone by the time emergency responders arrive. How to Avoid Flying Debris and What to Do If You Are Hit The easiest way to avoid flying debris is to leave several car lengths between your vehicle and…
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Airborne Car Leads to Multiple Fatalities Near Atlanta

A dramatic crash near Atlanta left two dead after a man’s car launched through the air into oncoming traffic. While the details of the accident are not wholly known, investigators reported that the Florida man veered from the southbound lane of I-75 into the guardrail, which provided the launching power to send him into the air. The car landed on another, and both drivers were killed. A witness whose car was also hit by the flying car called it the worst thing she’d ever seen in her life. Fatal Car Accidents in Georgia According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, from 2007 to 2013, 1,179 people died in Georgia car accidents. Another 116,458 were injured. A study of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that the deadliest highway in the nation was right here in Georgia – I-285 around Atlanta. While most car accidents…
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Is Someone Hiding a Ford Safety Recall Issue?

A Newport Beach police officer had just received a nonemergency call and was heading to the scene when something went wrong. He started to get a headache before blacking out completely. When the officer woke up, he was in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder, a fractured eye socket and a traumatic brain injury. The Ford vehicle he had been driving crashed into a tree, and he had narrowly escaped death, but that wasn’t the chilling part of his story. As he tried to figure out what had happened, this officer realized what happened to him might be happening to others all over the country! The Ford Safety Recall Issue Nobody Is Talking About At first, doctors couldn’t figure out what had happened to this policeman. He hadn’t been drinking, there were no drugs in his system, and he had no health conditions. Investigators were baffled until they started looking…
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