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Why Is a Chrysler Dealership Blaming Anton Yelchin for His Fatal Accident?

In June of this year the world was shocked to learn that Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin had passed. The young actor had been pinned by his Jeep Grand Cherokee against a metal gate and a brick pillar when he exited the vehicle to get his mail. His parents told authorities that the actor thought his vehicle was in park when he left it, but a local dealership is calling foul. Is Anton Yelchin Being Blamed for His Own Fatal Accident? The parents of Anton Yelchin filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler and the California dealership that sold the Jeep to their son. They learned that the Jeep was a part of the “roll away” recall that had started several months before. This recall was to fix a design defect that confused drivers into thinking their vehicles were in park when they were not. Yelchin’s parents say that…
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