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Defective Medical Devices

Experienced Product Liability Attorney In Georgia Advocating For Medical Device Safety And Manufacturer Accountability

Pharmaceutical corporations and manufacturers of medical devices have an absolute duty to ensure all medical devices and medical products are safe for patients to use. When a defective medical device is shown to be harmful, people’s lives are put in danger.

The defective medical device lawyers at the McArthur Law Firm have seen the kind of devastation that injuries or deaths due to defective medical products can cause to victims and their families. Product liability attorney Kathy McArthur knows and has great respect for the medical industry and takes cases involving health care very seriously. Her husband, Dr. Waldo Floyd III, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand injuries and problems, is the first to review the medical information in cases the McArthur Law Firm is considering taking.

The McArthur Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring the designers and manufacturers of defective medical products are accountable to harmed patients. For example, as co-counsel in a product liability case, we were able to recover a $19 million trial verdict for our clients. We have successfully fought for the rights of clients nationwide and statewide throughout Georgia. Our defective medical device lawyers are ready to fight for those living in Albany, Columbus and Savannah as well as families in and around Macon, Augusta and Atlanta.

Are Medical Device Recalls Necessary For A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Medical device recalls are sometimes instigated by the manufacturer or the FDA when defective medical products harm patients. However, a medical device recall is not necessary to file a lawsuit if a patient suffered an injury due to a defective device. Often, only after a number of people suffer injuries is a medical device recall issued.

Should I File A Medical Device Safety Lawsuit?

It is extremely important that any product injury claim involving a defective medical device be investigated thoroughly and that those responsible be held accountable. This helps to ensure that medical device manufacturers, designers and regulators responsible for defective medical product injuries and deaths are prevented from continuing to hurt others with their negligence. In addition, with the help of defective medical device lawyers, injury victims and their families can secure the compensation they will need to cover:

  • Hospital bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Long-term care
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Funeral costs

What Can An Experienced Medical Product Liability Attorney Do To Help?

Defective medical device attorney Kathy McArthur has been practicing law for 40 years. During that time, she has faced large corporations, powerful insurance companies and teams of in-house attorneys without hesitation. View our verdicts and settlements and past client testimonials to see her proven track record of not backing down, even in the face of powerful adversaries.

It Costs Nothing To Discuss Your Situation With Our Georgia Defective Medical Device Lawyers

We do not settle unless it is in our clients’ best interests. If that means taking a case to trial, our firm will not hesitate to do so. Our attorneys always pursue the largest recovery possible under the law for our clients, because it is the right thing to do and we can.

To schedule a free consultation with a product liability attorney in Georgia, call 478-238-1150 or fill out our online contact form. If you live outside of Georgia, we practice nationwide.