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Whether it is a home appliance, a family car or a child’s toy, there is no excuse for a product you expect to be safe harming you or someone you love. If a defective product hurts you or claims the life of someone in your family, it likely happened because of a company’s negligence. Those responsible can and should be held accountable.

Each defective products attorney at the McArthur Law Firm has the necessary experience to investigate, negotiate and litigate these types of cases. Along with co-counsel, our personal injury law firm received a $19 million defective product trial verdict on behalf of our client.

Our attorney’s fees are typically the same as other personal injury lawyers in Georgia. Clients should review attorneys’ experience before choosing a law firm. Go with the firm that has a successful track record of taking these types of cases to trial and getting them the highest settlements and results.

Insurance companies know who will not take them to court and make them pay if they don’t offer fair settlement, so they offer those attorneys less money. Just because a person is an attorney does not mean that he or she can get you fair compensation. It makes sense to hire the best defective product attorneys, particularly when our fees will be the same percentage of your recovery. You’ll just get more money, because we will get a higher settlement offer or verdict.

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What Types of Injury Cases Fall Under Defective Products Law?

With the many varied products on the market, there are several different types of incidents that can fall under defective products law. Although product recalls may occur in these types of cases, a recall is not necessary to have a product liability claim. Common product liability cases include:

Can I File a Defective Product Injury Lawsuit?

When a defective product harmed you or someone in your family, you should:

  • Call 911 and seek immediate medical attention
  • Keep the product and any packaging in your possession, but do not use it again
  • Keep notes about the incident, product, injuries suffered and medical treatment received
  • Photograph the site of the incident, injuries and product
  • Do not yet talk to the product company, its attorneys or its insurance agents
  • Speak with an experienced defective products attorney as soon as possible

An experienced product injury lawyer can let you know what your rights are under the law, determine whether you have a claim and advise you as to what the best options are going forward.

Why Do I Need a Car Defect Lawyer or Defective Medical Device Attorney?

Kathy McArthur and the Macon personal injury attorneys at the McArthur Law Firm have a successful track record when it comes to helping injury victims and their families hold those at fault for their pain and suffering accountable. Read testimonials and attorney reviews from past clients about why they choose our personal injury and defective product attorneys to represent their claims.

Our firm has the resources to represent defective product injury cases throughout the nation in addition to across our home state of Georgia, including residents of the major cities north of Macon, such as Atlanta and Augusta, as well as south of Macon in Columbus, Savannah and Albany.

If you have our experienced legal team on your side in a product liability lawsuit, we will relentlessly pursue justice for you by:

  • Offering aggressive legal representatives well versed on product liability law who are not intimidated by large corporations, their insurance agents or their army of lawyers.
  • Providing you with an advocate to carry the burden of your legal battle so that you can concentrate on your health and the well-being of your family
  • Ensuring the best interests of victims and their families are met and that they receive maximum compensation, even if it means foregoing a settlement offer and taking a case to trial.
  • Preventing these types of product defect injuries from happening to other innocent people in the future
  • Charging the standard contingent attorney fee percentages

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