Macon Dram Shop Attorney for Victims of Drunk Drivers

Premises Liability Lawyers Representing Clients in Georgia and Nationwide Hurt by Businesses Overserving Alcohol

As part of an experienced legal team, a dram shop attorney with the McArthur Law Firm can successfully guide victims through the process of holding businesses and individuals who violated alcohol laws accountable.

When a drunk driver injures or kills another person, many factors likely contributed to the incident. Georgia alcohol laws prohibit businesses from overserving alcohol to patrons, as such actions put everyone’s lives in danger. Dram shop laws hold businesses civilly liable when they overserve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. However, that person must drive drunk and severely harm another person.

The attorney’s fees for the personal injury lawyers at the McArthur Law Firm are generally the same as those of an attorney fresh out of law school. When choosing an attorney, an inexperienced lawyer can cost you everything. Bottom line, with your family’s future at stake, you need to have your case handled by premises liability attorneys with experience and a history of success in gaining multi-million dollar accident settlements and verdicts.

We sued a well-known restaurant for overserving a customer who then drove the wrong way on I-16 and hit a car driven by a mother with her two children in it head-on. We obtained an excess of a million dollars against the driver and the restaurant who caused this horrific accident.

What is Georgia Dram Shop Law?

In Georgia, defendants in dram shop liability cases generally can include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Sports venues
  • Convenience stores
  • Concert venues

To prove dram shop law was violated, plaintiffs need to show:

  • The intoxicated person caused damage or injuries
  • The intoxicated person was served alcohol by the defendant
  • The defendant recognized or should have recognized that the person was intoxicated when he or she was being served alcohol
  • The defendant knew that the intoxicated person being served alcohol would likely be getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle

Can a Dram Shop Attorney Help If a Drunk Driver Hurt Me After Being Overserved Alcohol?

Macon dram shop attorney Kathy McArthur has been practicing law for more than 35 years. The personal injury lawyers at the McArthur Law Firm are an experienced and aggressive legal team.  You will want them on your side in a dram shop liability suit. They provide several benefits, including:

  • Having an advocate willing and capable of doing what is necessary to ensure victims and their families recover maximum compensation, such as turning down a settlement in favor of taking a case to trial.
  • Helping to keep other innocent people from being hurt due to similar acts of recklessness or negligence in the future
  • Ensuring victims can concentrate on their health and the well-being of their families by taking on the burden of fighting their legal battle.
  • Making sure victims can match the other side’s legal team by providing them with dram shop liability attorneys who know the law inside out and are not intimidated by facing off against insurance companies or large corporations.

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