Was Your Accident Caused by a Company Car?

A Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You File a Claim

Often times, determining negligence after a motor vehicle accident is a straightforward process. However, the process becomes much more difficult when one of the drivers was operating a company vehicle at the time of the accident. The business could be held liable in the event that one of its employees fails to operate a company car safely. With a Georgia car accident, you must evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding the case in order to determine liability. An experienced Georgia personal injury attorney from our firm can help you determine if a business is liable after a company car accident. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers are familiar with the Macon area and understand how state laws will affect your case.

At the McArthur Law Firm, we focus on helping injury victims regain their footing by obtaining a reasonable settlement offer. The car accident insurance process is stressful, but our attorneys understand the personal injury laws that govern your claim. We will work hard to ensure that the car insurance laws in Georgia work to your benefit. Our firm’s founder, Kathy McArthur, has practiced law for over 35 years and has seen every type of car accident. Our car accident law firm will help you determine whether or not a business is responsible for their employee’s negligence. By contacting a Macon personal injury lawyer, you will receive assistance from an individual that empathizes with your situation.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim After a Company Car Accident?

Company vehicle accident statistics show an increase in collisions. Due to the increase, it is important to understand Georgia car insurance law. For example, if you have a collision with a company car, then how would you file an insurance claim? To understand this, it is important to know what an employer’s responsibility is after a company car accident. Typically, a judge or jury will apply the principle respondeat superior to a car accident claim. This is a legal doctrine that holds an employer responsible for the wrongdoings of an employee. However, the employee must be acting within the scope of his or her employment duties. In most states, if the employee is performing work-related tasks while driving, then the business is responsible for handling insurance-related matters. When filing a personal injury claim, the employer’s company car accident policy should take care of your financial needs.

Since respondeat superior is used during Georgia company car accident claims, we must define the term “scope of work”. A Macon personal injury attorney will know that an employee can commute to work and not be on the clock. If a driver commutes to work and an accident occurs, then his or her employer is not liable for the collision. There are also several other factors that could affect your ability to file a personal injury claim against a company. For example, the company could have a car accident policy that limits or excludes its liability after an accident. Additionally, the company’s insurance policy terms will play a critical role when determining liability after a company car collision.

Are There Any Recent Examples of Company Car Accident Claims in Georgia?

While vehicle accidents occur on a daily basis, it is important to see real life examples of company car collisions. By seeing examples of company car accident claims, you can start to understand how the law will impact your case. Viewing a company vehicle accident report is also a good way to gauge what happens during a company car accident. As of 2018, a recent example of a company car accident claim in Georgia includes:

  • Dougherty Equipment Company, INC. v. Roper. Adam Garland, an employee of Dougherty, was driving a company vehicle to work when he collided with Linda Roper’s vehicle. Roper sued Dougherty alleging that the company was liable for Garland’s actions under the doctrine of respondeat superior. The plaintiff produced evidence showing that Garland was an “on call” technician for Dougherty, and therefore was working while driving. However, the court ruled that an employee’s “on call” status is circumstantial evidence. It does not prove that Garland was acting in the scope of his employment during the accident. The judge ruled in Dougherty’s favor and determined that the company was not liable for Garland’s actions under respondeat superior. This case is an example of a company using the appellate process to its advantage.

Company Car Accident? Contact a Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Although car accident claims can be stressful, a company car accident case presents its own set of unique challenges. Georgia car accident laws are very clear regarding your typical car accident. However, there is often more nuance involved when litigating a company car accident claim. A Macon personal injury lawyer can help you understand these and other complications and will work hard to advance your legal interests.

If you were involved in a company car accident, then you should contact the McArthur Law Firm today at (478) 796-9380 and schedule a consultation. You can also contact us online and tell us about your case. We promise to carefully examine the details of your claim as soon as possible and look forward to meeting with you soon.