How Much Is Your Pet Worth? The Georgia Supreme Court Says…

The McArthur Law FirmHow much is your pet worth to you? It’s a question that many pet owners wouldn’t be able to answer because the right pet is more valuable to its owner than all the money in the world. However, that can make it pretty hard to handle a court case involving the loss of a pet, but our state’s Supreme Court was up to that challenge.

Did The Georgia Supreme Court Set A Price On Pets?

When a Georgia family boarded their dogs at the Barking Hound Village for 10 days, they didn’t expect that one of the dogs would have kidney failure when they returned. However, their 8 ½-year-old dachshund mix was returned to them with damaged kidneys, and nine months later, their beloved pet succumbed to her illness. Now this Georgia family says that Barking Hound Village is responsible for their pet’s death and the $67,000 they spent treating the ailing dog.

Somehow, this court case managed to climb its way up to our state’s highest court, and the justices wasted no time coming to a decision. The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously delivered the opinion that when a pet is injured or killed by the negligence of someone other than its owner, then the owner may try to collect the cost incurred when trying to save that animal.

The court’s ruling was supported by a Georgia Supreme Court ruling from the 19th century that stated that the owner may seek to collect the animal’s market value, and the cost of any “expenses incurred by the owner in an effort to cure the animal,” which means that the kennel accused of hurting the little dachshund must now prove that it was not the cause of the dog’s illness. The family in this case believes that the kennel accidentally gave the dachshund medicine meant for their other dog, a Labrador retriever. The case has yet to be settled.

Do you think the kennel should repay the owners for the loss of their beloved pet, or is this family grasping at straws? Tell your Macon personal injury attorneys what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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