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Why Did Bristol-Myers Squibb Have to Pay $19 Million?

iStock_9857676_LARGE-768x512.jpgDo you know what an atypical antipsychotic medication is? These medications are supposed to have less side-effects than traditional antipsychotic meds, and Abilify was considered one of the best. In 2013, Bristol-Myers Squibb-manufacturer of Abilify-sold $6.4 billion of the drug. It was the top-selling medication of that year, but there were some problems on the horizon.

Could Recent Court Verdicts Hurt Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals?

Releasing a medical product to the public can be very complex. Companies have to meet several federal regulations in order to prove their products are safe. Even then these companies must account for the side effects their product could cause. So, what happens when a company doesn't follow these procedures? Ask the executive board of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, it's been having a pretty rough year.

Is Audi About to Expand VW's Dieselgate Shame?

iStock_67500421_LARGE-768x536.jpgAudi is the luxury arm of the massive Volkswagen automobile empire, so you would expect it to produce high quality products. Well, the automotive marque got pulled into VW's largest corporate flub-dieselgate. Some of the luxury cars had what the EPA described as "defeat devices," which helped the cars cheat on emissions. Only a few models from Audi were affected, and the subsequent recall and incentives seemed to be repairing the company's reputation... That was until authorities discovered Audi also had its own hidden defeat device in addition to VW's.

Have You Heard What People Are Saying About These Massive Samsung Recalls?

knee-injury-patient-with-doc.jpgIt all went down in September. People all across America were shocked to find out that there was a problem with their brand-new Samsung phones. The darn things liked to blow up, and safety advocates wouldn't let that slide. Before the month was out, the Galaxy Note 7 had been recalled and removed from the market. However, this wouldn't be the only recall to hit Samsung this year.

Just in Time for the Holidays! The Product Fails of 2016

It's the holiday season. Have you gotten your shopping done? This is the season that we give gifts to our loved ones, and so we all take special care in choosing that special something. However, do you know which products are going to be nothing but a hassle? Do you know which products could be downright dangerous? Well, your Macon product liability attorneys have a list here of some major products you might want to keep an eye out for.

There's a New Fiat Chrysler Recall and You Should Be Worried About It

iStock_60379500LARGE-1024x768.jpgFiat Chrysler is having a tough year. It recalled around 1.1 million vehicles because of a shifter defect that caused vehicles to rollaway. The situation got even worse when Star Trek actor, Anton Yelchin, fell victim to that same defect. Now, another Fiat Chrysler defect has reportedly taken the lives of three people and injured five others. What will the company do next?

How Were People Maimed While Riding the Hogwarts Express?

iStock_67500421_LARGE-768x536.jpgGoing to a theme park is supposed to be a magical experience that takes you away from the stresses of your daily life. But sometimes these parks don't live up to expectations. The weather can turn, or park rides can be unsafe, but do you ever worry about your fellow park goers? Do you ever worry about the things those people bring with them?

Will Takata Use Bankruptcy to Escape Victim Lawsuits?

iStock_60379500LARGE-1024x768.jpgDid you know that the Takata recall is the largest in automotive history? It affects around one in seven vehicles on the road here in the United States. This deadly defect has only been fixed in one out of every five cars that have been recalled, and the auto industry only has until 2019 to complete all these repairs. But what happens if Takata isn't around to make sure these repairs happen?

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