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Georgia Trucker Shut Down by FMCSA After DUI

iStock_1841554_LARGE-768x512.jpgThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has effectively shut down a Georgia-licensed truck driver. The driver was responsible for a crash on November 20, 2016 in Virginia, after he ran into the back of a vehicle stopped in traffic. Several cars were involved in the truck accident. A Virginia court subsequently found the driver guilty of DUI.

What Is the Price of a Truck Accident? The Case That Changed GSU

April is a month that shakes the students and faculty of Georgia Southern University. Back in 2015, the university lost five nursing students to a tractor-trailer accident. That loss changed the university's community and the lives of those students' families, and those changes continue to reach into these people's lives and into 2017...

What Is the Price of a Truck Accident? Settling the Losses but Not the Pain

iStock_26680344_MEDIUM-768x510.jpgLast time in our blog series What Is the Price of a Truck Accident?, we talked about the infamous 2015 eight vehicle pile-up on I-16. That crash took the lives of five Georgia Southern University students, and it changed the lives of not only the families of the victims, but an entire university. However, the effects of this crash have rippled on for years as the survivors are still picking up the pieces of their lives.

Judge Approves Electronic Logs for Truckers, But When Will They Rollout?

Back in 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) wrote a rule that required all truckers to use an electronic logging device (ELD). This measure was meant to stop truckers from driving too long and endangering public safety. However, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) called foul. The two organizations have been sparring ever since, but that fight could finally be coming to an end.

Is It Okay for Retirees to Drive Tractor Trailers?

They were on their way to St. Louis to see their son and brother become an elder at his church-a husband and a wife and their two sons. But they never arrived. On I-44, near the Oklahoma state line, a truck lost control and tumbled into traffic. Ten people lost their lives that day, and this family was among them, but what caused this crash? A member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says he believes the truck driver's age was a major factor.

Will New Electronic Speed Limiters Make Trucks Safer?

It was a normal evening on Interstate 20 as commuters drove home from work, then a chain reaction crash went off. Four tractor trailers collided with each other and shut down the entire eastbound side of the highway. Now a new federal law seeks to reduce the damage caused by wrecks like this. However, those regulations didn't come fast enough for two people caught in the middle of this crash.

School Bus v. Tractor-Trailer: The Collision No One Wanted to See...

Parents all over Lowndes County got the scare of their lives when their cellphones rang on August 29th. That's because their children were calling them to let them know that they were okay after a massive school bus crash. The collision was between an 18-wheeler and a bus heading to Lowndes Middle School, but not every child was able to call their parents after the deadly crash.

Savannah Truck Crash Case Update: Will Victims' Families Finally Get Answers?

The driver of a Total Transportation of Mississippi (TTM) truck was delayed in Ridgeland, Mississippi for 10 hours. By the time the tractor-trailer was ready to go, its driver was expected to drive through the night all the way to Savannah, Georgia. The truck never made it. Instead, the driver crashed the truck into two cars that were trapped in gridlock. Unfortunately, the results of this crash were both fatal and long reaching.

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