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Car Wreck Reconstruction

Experienced Car Crash Attorneys Explain This Valuable Tool

After a car crash in Georgia, one of the biggest challenges you and your lawyer face is proving what happened and who was at fault. Memory can be unreliable, especially in stressful situations where many things are happening at once. Therefore, car crash attorneys often rely on accident reconstructionists instead of witness testimony alone. These reconstructionists, who are typically engineering experts, examine all the evidence, including wrecked vehicles, the accident scene and even weather conditions, to recreate the circumstances of the collision. Usually, this reconstruction is a short computer-generated video that may be used as evidence in a car crash claim.

At the McArthur Law Firm, our car crash attorneys always explore every possible avenue to build a strong case for our clients. When it comes to motor vehicle wrecks, that means that we will invest in the work of car crash reconstructionists. In some cases, we have worked with these experts for years, so we know how valuable a reconstruction can be to your personal injury claim. Additionally, we operate on contingency fee agreements. This means that our firm will front the costs of the case, including the reconstruction. You only owe us attorney fees and costs when we obtain a successful verdict or settlement for you.

How Does Car Crash Reconstruction Work and Will It Help My Claim?

Car wreck reconstruction is an extremely technical process. Engineers and other experts will examine the aftermath of an auto wreck and then work backwards to find out what happened. To do this, they examine information such as:

  • Vehicle damage.
  • Your car crash injuries as well as the injuries of other victims.
  • Details about the vehicles involved, such as speed capabilities, suspension, etc.
  • Damage to the accident scene, including skid marks, debris, gouges in the road and disruption to the surroundings.
  • The temperature and weather, which may affect a car’s stopping power.
  • Black box data. This information may include the exact time of the crash as well as data about brake use, speed, steering and force of impact.

The car crash reconstructionists will examine this information and likely feed relevant data into a computer program. These kinds of programs help experts account for the many different forces at play in a wreck, as well as multiple potential causes.

Once the reconstructionists have determined how the wreck happened, including speeds, angle of impact and more, they will use this information to create a short, computer-generated video. This will show the crash, often from various angles, as the evidence suggests it happened.

Your car crash attorneys can use this as evidence in insurance claim negotiations or a personal injury lawsuit. Having a visual representation of the wreck can help eliminate the confusion of potentially conflicting testimony. After all, it can be difficult for anyone involved in a crash to know everything that happened. Our reconstructionists may even find evidence of negligence you knew nothing about, such as a car defect. An accident reconstruction can therefore be an instrumental tool in getting you the compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries.

Hurt in an Auto Wreck? Call Our Attorneys Today

If you were hurt in a car crash in Georgia, you should contact our experienced personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. Accident reconstruction often depends on evidence from the scene of the crash, which can disappear quickly. The sooner you call a lawyer, the more likely that crash reconstruction will help your personal injury claim.

Contact our Georgia law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our car crash attorneys represent clients throughout Georgia, including areas like Atlanta, Albany, Columbus, Savannah and Augusta. We have also successfully represented car crash victims nationwide.