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I-16 Accidents

I-16 Accident Attorneys Protect The Rights Of Georgians

Freight shippers, rideshare partners, business owners, workers and tourists use freeways every day. Logistics and transportation agencies report that the shipping industry was worth almost $1.5 trillion in 2015. Much of that commerce runs on Georgia’s Interstate 16 (I-16). I-16 runs through dense forests and crosses rivers, with multiple types of vehicles traveling at high speeds. Reckless drivers, our state’s weather patterns and the necessary upkeep on the freeways near Macon may increase the risk of serious accidents. If you or someone you loved has been involved in a wreck, our I-16 accident attorneys can help.

The high speeds allowed on Georgia interstates can result in destructive accidents and life-changing injuries. With so many vehicles traveling so fast on I-16, multi-vehicle pileups and semi-truck accidents that cause severe injuries or death are not uncommon. At McArthur Law Firm, our freeway accident lawyers can help you after any type of crash. From a fender bender to big pileups, we have been defending motor vehicle accident victims for almost 40 years.

Why Are Accidents Common On I-16?

Each highway has its own unique set of challenges for drivers. Many of these difficulties originate from characteristics unique to that road. For example, Georgia is full of dense forest and meandering rivers, which run across and along I-16. While this greenery is prized for its beauty, it can also create hazardous conditions.

The medians containing this foliage have proven so unsafe that the Georgia DOT has proposed to clear trees and bush. GDOT hopes this will curb the 67% increase in traffic fatalities involving single vehicles hitting a fixed object. Despite good intentions, these efforts are limited, as areas with creeks and wetlands are protected as state waters. Furthermore, the project is expected to take at least two years to finish and roads still need to be widened.

Another reason accidents are common on I-16 is due to weather. Extreme conditions, like hurricanes, always create dangers on freeways. Additionally, since I-16 is a main thoroughfare for shipping companies, sometimes commercial drivers fall asleep at the wheel. Unfortunate events have resulted in jail time for overworked truck drivers. A truck accident lawyer can investigate the details of your accident. Our lawyers for motor vehicle accidents genuinely want to discover who is at fault and protect your best interests.

Do I Need A Lawyer After An I-16 Accident?

The only thing more urgent than contacting an attorney after an accident is receiving medical treatment. Evidence must be gathered and witnesses questioned. A witness testimony can alter a life, especially on Georgia’s I-16. The sooner you call our firm, the quicker our I-16 accident attorneys can work in your best interests.

Freeway accidents are serious, especially if commercial vehicles are involved. If a driver is distracted and weaves between lanes, then he or she can cause personal injury or wrongful death. Additionally, if you are in a traditional car, odds are you will sustain serious harm in the event of a truck wreck. No one can be prepared for a catastrophic injury or accident at every moment. If the unthinkable happens, then call an attorney right away. A Georgia car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation through a damages claim. Medical costs, lost wages and other expenses may be recovered.

Experienced An Interstate Accident? Call Our I-16 Accident Attorneys For A Free Consultation.

Have you crashed into a stationary object on high speeds on I-16? Has a truck, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler swerved into your lane, resulting in damages? Are you concerned about your rights after a motor vehicle accident? No matter the vehicle type, weather condition or driver history, our law firm can help you pursue your case. Since 1979, our law firm has helped people reach favorable multimillion-dollar settlements and move on from their tragedy.

If you or someone you love has been involved in any motor vehicle accident on I-16, we can help. The McArthur Law Firm has the reputation, experience and resources you need to reach a favorable settlement. It can be easy to take the path of least resistance and accept an initial settlement offer; however, insurance adjusters do not work for you. Let us work for you to ensure the justice you deserve. At no cost to you, we can review your case and let you know how we can help. Contact us online or call our Macon and Atlanta offices at 478-238-1150.