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Drunk Driving Accidents

Representing Drunk Driving Injury And Wrongful Death Victims And Their Families

While we all know the dangers of drunk driving, intoxicated drivers in Georgia still cause some of the state’s most catastrophic car accidents.

Drunk driving accident lawyer Kathy McArthur and the personal injury attorneys at the McArthur Law Firm fight hard for victims of drunk driving accidents throughout Georgia. We have seen the highly destructive effects of drinking and driving. Because of this, our drunk driving accident attorneys work tirelessly to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions.

In 2013, the McArthur Law Firm recovered a $15 million verdict for the family of a young man needlessly killed in a car crash. The verdict was the top car crash verdict for the state of Georgia that year. In addition, it was one of the top five jury verdicts for all types of cases in Georgia in 2013. If a drunk driver hurt you or a loved one, then our DUI accident lawyers fight relentlessly for you and your family.

Does the State of Georgia Represent Victims of Drunk Drivers?

Many people mistakenly believe that a state prosecutor or district attorney represents the victims of drunk drivers in a criminal case. While the state does represent people throughout the state in general, prosecutors in a criminal case do not pursue money damages for victims and families. This is only done through the civil court system with personal injury lawyers.

Victims of drunk drivers should understand these important points after a DUI wreck:

  1. The prosecutor will not obtain money damages for victims or their families.
  2. A drunk driver does not have to be criminally charged or found guilty for victims to pursue a civil case.
  3. Victims do not need any money to hire experienced legal counsel for a drunk driving personal injury lawsuit.
  4. Victims do not have to wait, and should not wait, until a criminal case concludes before contacting an attorney.

Punitive Damages Against DUI Driver Can Increase Your Recovery

A car wreck has regular damages, such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. However, victims of drunk drivers may also receive punitive damages. This is additional money that the drunk driver has to pay as a form of punishment for breaking the law and needlessly putting everyone’s lives at risk.

Experienced Legal Advocates in Georgia for Drunk Driving Victims and Their Families

The attorneys at the McArthur Law Firm are powerful advocates for drunk driving victims. Suffering a catastrophic injury or losing a loved one to someone else’s illegal and reckless decision is not fair. A DUI car accident attorney’s job is to make it right by the only way the civil justice system can: by aggressively pursuing money damages for victims.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Offers Free Consultations

When someone hurts you or kills your loved one in a drunk driving wreck, we know nothing can truly give back what the accident took from you. Even if a criminal case is currently pending against a drunk driver, reach out to our lawyers. We provide aggressive representation on behalf of innocent victims. Our clients are statewide in Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus as well as Augusta, Albany and most other cities in Georgia.

You can speak to us directly by calling 478-238-1150 to schedule a free consultation with a drunk driving accident lawyer. If outside of Georgia, then call 478-238-6600.