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Medical Malpractice Attorney Handling Cases Involving Potentially Life-Changing And Devastating Injuries

As a culture, our faith in the practice of medicine allows us to provide trust in doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Medical professionals are often guided by the principle to do no harm. Unfortunately, medical professionals do make mistakes, as humans in any other industry or profession. It is often difficult for victims of medical malpractice to understand the error.

If you or your relative was hurt because of a doctor’s negligence or the negligence of another medical professional, then you are going to need an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side. Doctors will not admit medical mistakes; their employers, hospitals and insurance companies purposefully and actively prevent them from admitting errors to patients.

Medical Errors Can Be Life-Altering

Medical malpractice can forever change your life. These medical errors – such as medication errors, surgical errors, anesthesia errors, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis, failure to diagnose cancer, birth injuries, hospital and nursing negligence, and more – can have devastating consequences on your health and the lives of loved ones.

At the McArthur Law Firm, we fight for you. Our medical negligence lawyers do not give up when our client has suffered due to medical malpractice. The attorney fees in medical malpractice lawsuits are basically the same for personal injury lawyers throughout Georgia, so you should choose a firm with a proven record of obtaining substantial results for clients. We offer a free initial consultation on all cases. Call 478-238-1150 to speak with a compassionate lawyer.

Millions in Medical Malpractice Settlements and Verdicts Gained

Our medical malpractice attorneys are able to publish the following verdicts and settlements for medical malpractice cases (many additional cases are confidential settlements):

  • $2.4 million medical malpractice settlement
  • $2.1 million medical malpractice settlement
  • $1.9 million medical malpractice settlement

Verdicts as co-counsel:

  • $5 million medical malpractice verdict
  • $3.8 million medical malpractice verdict
  • $3.7 million medical malpractice verdict

Handling Medical Malpractice Cases with an Inside Understanding and Appreciation of the Medical Profession

Medical malpractice attorney Kathy McArthur, founder of the McArthur Law Firm, has a deep respect for the medical profession. Kathy McArthur’s husband, Dr. Waldo Floyd III, is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand operations, and the couple has a son currently in medical school. Kathy McArthur respects the work doctors do, but she takes these cases very seriously and devotes a substantial percentage of her practice to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Our firm has seen the unfortunate results of medical malpractice, and we fight aggressively for clients. Substandard medical care is not acceptable. Our attorneys refuse to let neglectful healthcare providers continue to harm patients.

McArthur Law Firm Gets Results for Clients’ Medical Malpractice Cases

In one case involving a fatal botched allergy shot, our lawyers’ actions helped change a local procedure involving doctors being present during treatment. Several years ago, a man brought his teenage daughter to a Georgia clinic that administered allergy shots. After a nurse gave the teen an allergy shot, the girl had a severe reaction. Unfortunately, the nurse did not know what to do in response and a doctor was not present. The teen died at the clinic as a result. The sad fact of the matter is a doctor would have been able to save her. The outcome of the case had a large impact in our community. Now, the procedure is done only when a doctor is physically present in the clinic. This will undoubtedly help prevent future tragedies.

In another medical malpractice case we handled, a woman went in for surgery due to serious pain she was suffering. Following the surgery, the medicine prescribed was not helping. She called the doctor’s office, but she was dismissed. The doctor believed she was merely complaining of minor discomfort. The woman’s pain became unbearable, so she checked in to an emergency room. It was there where the ER doctor discovered she had punctured intestines from the surgery and was suffering from widespread infection and peritonitis. She would have died had the ER doctor not intervened.

Contact Our Medical Malpractice Attorney in Macon, GA for a Free Consultation

The loss of a loved one or a life-altering injury can be an overwhelming event in anyone’s life. At the McArthur Law Firm, we understand what you are going through. We have helped many families nationwide get through this extremely difficult time by pursuing legal action on their behalf against the parties responsible for their suffering and holding them accountable. Our years of work in medical malpractice law allows us to represent individuals and families statewide, including Atlanta, Columbus and Augusta, as well as those in Albany, Savannah and elsewhere in Georgia.

We fight for our clients until they receive a fair settlement, or we take the case to trial. Have your case reviewed by Georgia medical malpractice attorney or birth injury lawyer at the McArthur Law Firm. If you want to make sure that you receive the most money possible following a medical malpractice event, then call us at 478-238-1150 or fill out the form on this website. In most cases, it does not cost anything to have your case reviewed and your questions answered. We represent medical malpractice victims nationwide.