What Made You Want to Become a Lawyer?

Attorney Caleb Walker grew up, went to college, and law school in Georgia. He has been practicing at McArthur law firm with Kathy McArthur for four years. It was through a combination of school and a desire to help people in their unique situations that led him to becoming a Georgia lawyer. Find out more about personal injury attorney Caleb Walker and how he can help you with your car and truck wrecks.

Video Transcription

I grew up in Ellijay, Georgia which is in North Georgia, went to college at Berry College in Rome, law school at UGA. I’ve been practicing with Kathy for about four years now. Part of what made me want to become a lawyer I guess would be I majored in government in college, so it’s sort of a natural extension of that. But also I had some experiences that led me to think that being a lawyer was an opportunity to help people with situations that they couldn’t deal with themselves. And for some reason that seemed appealing to me, and so that that was also part of the reason I would say. I’m from Georgia, I lived in Ellijay until I went to college at Berry. My wife who I met while we were at college together at Berry is from Macon and her family is all here. Most of my practice at the McArthur law firm focuses on car wrecks and truck wrecks. I also help with trials, malpractice trials, some of the pre-trial work on malpractice cases, but primarily wreck cases. For more information go to our website at McArthurLawFirm.com or call us directly at 1-888-We-Fight.