How Fast Do Trucking Companies Act After a Wreck?

A trucking company will act as fast as possible as soon as they learn of a wreck. They will start their investigation and in some cases have a reconstruction expert inspect the scene within 24 hours. They will contact witnesses at the scene of the truck accident and ask for statements, contact and try to get statements from injured parties while they are still in the hospital. When they do all this it’s important to note that their motivation lies in preserving their interest. They want to prove that the wreck was not the drivers fault. Watch as truck attorney Caleb Walker explains the workings of a truck accident investigation in this video.

Video Transcription:

Once a trucking company learns that a serious wreck has occurred, they will act as soon as possible, and as immediately as possible to start their investigation. And they will have, in some circumstances a reconstruction expert inspecting the scene within 24 hours. Yes, trucking companies will start their investigation while injured people are still in the hospital within a day, a couple days, as soon as they can get people on the scene to investigate the case they will. They will also, as soon as they can, contact witnesses to the wreck and get statements from witnesses. They’ll even contact injured parties while they’re still in the hospital, potentially to try and get a statement from an injured person as to how a wreck happened. And the important thing to keep in mind is when when they request a statement like that their motivation is to preserve their interest, which is to try to prove that the wreck was not their drivers fault. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-We-Fight.