How Bad Are Truck Wrecks in GA?

Truck wrecks can be devastating as well as fatal, and attorney Caleb Walker has seen his fair share of truck wrecks in Georgia. He explains that a lot of safety rules and regulations are applied to truck companies and drivers. If they are not followed wrecks will occur. Getting an attorney can help if you are involved in a truck accident, they try to find the reasons behind the accident and which safety procedures weren’t followed. Watch to find out why you should hire attorney Caleb Walker if you are involved in a truck accident.

Video Transcription:

Georgia actually I read in the news recently is one of the worst states as far as number and severity of truck wrecks as compared to other states in the U.S. With truck wrecks, truck companies are supposed to be professional drivers, and there are a lot of safety rules and regulations that apply to them because they’re on the road so much for so many hours and so many miles that if they don’t follow some very strict rules and guidelines, as far as driving safely, wrecks will occur. So, what we, when we get a truck wreck case, part of what we do is to figure out the reason behind the cause of the wreck. Which is often not just driver inattention but something within the company, as far as not following all the safety procedures that apply to them. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-We-Fight.