What is the Georgia Dog Bite Law?

2. Jessica Applegate - What is the Georgia Dog Bite Law- (0-01-17-05)

Dog bite laws and leash laws can vary by county in Georgia and can be complicated. Generally, if someone is bit or knocked over and injured due to someone else’s dog, he or she should speak to a lawyer. Injuries from dog bites can be very serious, and children in particular can suffer severe harm from an animal attack. In this video, Macon dog bite lawyer Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains what victims and pet owners need to understand about liability for dog injuries.

Video Transcription

Dog-bite law in Georgia includes leash laws, and each county has to enact a leash law. And if your dog is not on a leash and attacks somebody and whether they make contact or not, if that person is injured you can be liable for that. Dog bite cases are actually complex because it includes whether or not the dog had bitten before, whether the dog had been aggressive before, and whether or not you knew or should have known that the dog was aggressive as the dog’s owner. Now as somebody who was injured in a dog bite case, it really doesn’t matter if you think or you knew that the dog was aggressive, it matters what the owner of the dog thinks. I know that Houston county and Bibb County have what we call leash laws, which is your dog must be either in a fence or on a leash at all times and so your dog can’t be, you know, running around, able to attack other people. And if your dog does attack other people, the leash law makes you liable for that. So, your homeowner’s insurance would be at risk. A dog attack includes the dog coming at you. So, if you fall when the dog is coming at you and you’re injured, that’s included even if the dog didn’t make contact. If you are afraid the dog is going to get you and you are injured trying to get away from it, you have a right to recover for that. In a dog bite case, if your child is injured by somebody else’s negligence, you have a right as the parent to pursue that case for your child. So, I would most definitely call us. Talk with us and let us help you and let us tell you what you can do, and what you maybe can’t do. To speak to somebody about your injury call 1-888-WE-FIGHT (1-888-933-9448).