How Is Georgia Connected to a Truck Explosion in Texas?

Truck trailer accidentIn late August, a tractor-trailer was hauling hazardous cargo through Maverick County, Texas when something went wrong. The truck couldn’t negotiate a turn and sped off road. It crashed into a culvert before rolling over and coming to a stop. Then the truck caught on fire and exploded. The blast destroyed a nearby home—fatally injuring its occupant—and wounded the truck driver and two people who were driving by. The community was devastated by the effects of this explosion, but would you believe the aftermath is still spreading all the way to Georgia?

Is a Truck Explosion in Texas Connected to Georgia?

Industrial Transit is a commercial trucking company that runs out of LaGrange, Georgia. It has five trucks that it uses to haul vehicle parts all over the country, and back in August, this company was hauling Takata airbag inflators through Texas. These inflators are known for being unstable and deadly. They are the subject of the automotive industry’s largest recall ever, and this shipment was on its way to be destroyed. However, the shipment never arrived.

After the explosion, federal officials conducted an investigation to find out what had gone wrong during this crash. What they found was a mountain of federal safety violations, including:

  • Failure to check its trucker’s commercial driver’s licenses.
  • Failure to provide its employees with hazardous materials training.
  • Failure to monitor its drivers’ maximum hours-of-service.
  • Failure to regularly inspect and maintain its trucks.
  • Failure to properly conduct random alcohol and drug tests.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found so many violations that it ordered Industrial Transit to immediately shut down. This trucking company had let untrained drivers with invalid commercial driver’s licenses transport hazardous materials. They even put trucks that were unsafe on the road to haul these materials. Unfortunately, this company’s dangerous business practices were only discovered after people were hurt and a life was lost.

Was there any other way to discover these violations and prevent this tragedy? How can regular drivers protect themselves from neglectful trucking companies? Share your thoughts with our Macon truck accident lawyers on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow our blog to learn more about what you can do to stop reckless trucking companies.


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