Behind the Scenes with Evander Holyfield

Heavyweight Champion Calls Kathy McArthur the Real Deal

Evander Holyfield CommercialEveryone involved had a great time shooting The McArthur Law Firm’s attorney commercial with Evander Holyfield. We thought our website visitors as well as past and present clients would like to hear the inside scoop of what shooting a TV commercial was really like with a global superstar.

Evander arrived right on time! We shot the commercial at the PAL boxing gym in Atlanta, a police-run community gym and summer camp. The PAL boxing gym graciously allowed us to shoot the commercial there. Kathy McArthur later thanked them by donating to their cause. Evander’s son, Evan, also trains at that gym (and stopped by at the end of the shoot for his regular training session). Fun fact: While we had bagels at the shoot, the superstar athlete was a little disappointed there were no doughnuts!

Evander was extremely gracious to all the young children and camp counselors who tentatively approached him to talk and to take pictures with the champ. He spoke to each one of them to offer encouragement and advice. He explained how when he was a young man in Atlanta and training to be a boxer, the movie Rocky was popular. Evander recalled how people teased him and put him down as he ran and exercised. Some of them said things like: “Who do you think you are, Rocky? You’ll never be Rocky!” Evander remembered that these types of comments (along with support from his mother) are partially what fueled his dedication to sports and athleticism.

Why Did Evander Holyfield Choose to Endorse the McArthur Law Firm?

When we first approached Evander about a possible endorsement, it was not automatically a go. He wanted to thoroughly vet Kathy McArthur before agreeing to say anything or appear in any form of attorney commercial.

Thankfully, in the past, Evander worked with one of Kathy McArthur’s colleagues. This attorney had high praise for Kathy and her commitment to ethics, the law and her clients. That got our foot in the door with Evander!

Next, Evander learned more about Kathy’s history and practice of law. In addition to the record-breaking verdicts and settlements that Kathy secured over the years, totaling over $250 million, he was mostly interested in how Kathy’s work had changed the law and medical practice for the better. For example, he learned about the case of a teenage girl who was dropped off at a medical clinic for an allergy shot. The young lady tragically died from an allergic reaction after a nurse gave her the shot. There was no doctor available when her reaction started. It was clear that had a doctor been on the premises, she would have likely survived. Due to Kathy’s work on this medical malpractice case, all clinics in the area now only provide these shots if a doctor is on the premises to avoid this type of tragedy happening again.

Additionally, Evander learned about the boating accident that resulted in the death of a young boy on the water. A teenage, inexperienced boater was speeding on Lake Lanier and hit a banana boat holding two young boys. This killed one boy and seriously injured the other. Due to Kathy’s work on this case, there is now a “New Boater Education Requirement,” whereby new boat drivers must pass an education course to obtain a boating license. This educational course will reduce boating accidents and make the water safer for us all to enjoy.

The more he learned about those stories and others about Kathy and the McArthur Law Firm’s history, the more convinced he was. Evander wholeheartedly endorses Kathy McArthur as the Real Deal!

Behind the Scenes Commercial Shoot with Evander Holyfield

Soon we can post a blooper reel of our video shoot with Evander to share with clients and fans. He was such a pleasure to work with, and we’ve enjoyed our ongoing relationship with him. Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we often interact with Evander and follow the philanthropic causes he supports.