Does the McArthur Law Firm Have A Reputation for Taking Cases to Trial?

According to McArthur law firm attorney Jessica Applegate
Edmonds, they have tried more cases in two years than most do in ten.
That definitely makes a difference when it comes to insurance
companies and how that affects your case. The McArthur law firm is
also known for being fair when it comes to clients and making sure
they get a fair end result. It doesn’t cost anything more to enlist
the help of the McArthur law firm, even with all their experience.
Find out in this video why you need to hire the attorneys at McArthur,
experienced in trying cases and getting the best result for you.

Video Transcription:

The McArthur law firm definitely has a reputation of taking cases to
trial. We have tried way more cases in the past two years than I know
some other law firms have tried in ten years. And insurance companies
know that and it does affect your case and it also affects your case
being that we will take it to trial and we will take it all the way if
that’s what we have to do. It doesn’t matter to us, it’s our job and
we’re here to help you. A person would not pay more for a lawyer to
take their case to trial than they would for a firm that settles cases
really quickly. The fees are the same, they’re standard, if we go to
trial you know the fees probably will increase as far as our fee
schedule. But around about it doesn’t cost more to hire our firm than
it would to hire somebody else’s firm, as a matter of fact our firm is
actually known for being very fair to the clients and we are very firm
in making sure the end result is fair and we never take more than what
our client gets. To speak to somebody about your injury call