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Chrysler Was 99 Percent at Fault in Wrongful Death Suit

Chrysler was reported last year to have filed an appeal on a high-profile 2012 case involving the death of a child in a Jeep accident. According to the original accident report, a 4-year-old boy burned to death after a Jeep was rear-ended. The fire happened due to the Jeep’s ruptured fuel tank located behind the rear axle. The driver liable for the accident was charged with vehicular homicide in the first degree. Chrysler, on the other hand, was found to be 99 percent at fault for the accident. Attorneys on the case argued that Chrysler had been aware of the design flaw regarding the installation of the fuel tank located behind the rear axle. In the end, the auto company was ordered to pay $120 million in wrongful death damages and $30 million in pain and suffering damages. However, the recent appeal by Chrysler argues that the amount ordered is…
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What Caused the Deadly Amtrak Accident in Seattle?

Devastation struck DuPont, Washington on Monday, December 18 when the Amtrak Cascades 501 train derailed on its maiden voyage from Seattle to Portland. The train was carrying 86 people when it rounded a curve at nearly three times the speed limit. It left the tracks and hurled passenger cars off an overpass and into rush hour traffic on the road below. More than 100 people were hospitalized and at least three passengers were killed. Speed was obviously a factor in this crash, but why was the train moving at 80 mph around a 30-mph curve? The train’s engineer has not yet been interviewed at the time of this writing, and it is hoped that his statement could shed light on the cause of this catastrophic train accident. Another question that is being asked: could positive train control (PTC) have prevented the accident? The Fight for Positive Train Control Systems Positive…
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What is Georgia’s Yield Behind the Wheel Initiative?

What is Georgia’s “Yield Behind the Wheel” initiative? Harvest season is upon us, and in Georgia that means an increase in the number of tractors and farm equipment on rural roads. You’ve probably seen a tractor or two already, but what you might not know is that farmers are putting their lives on the line every time they take a tractor onto the road with cars. The relative lack of protection afforded by tractors means that farmers are exposed to a serious risk of injury and even death in car accidents. According to reports, last year, there were nearly 500 vehicle crashes involving farm and construction vehicles. 185 resulted in injuries while 12 led to fatalities. These accidents are completely preventable, one of the factors that makes these injuries and deaths so tragic. Many of these accidents result from the negligence of other drivers. Speeding in particular is a major…
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