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This Semi-Truck Safety Tech Can Save Your Life

Should there be a mandate requiring side underride guards on semi-trucks? Under federal law, semi-trucks are required to have rear underride guards. These rails prevent cars from traveling underneath trucks in accidents, potentially saving the lives of drivers. However, there is no such law requiring side guards on trucks. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), mandating side guards could save hundreds of lives every year in the United States. Statistics from 2015 show that 301 passenger vehicle occupants were killed when their vehicles struck the sides of semi-trucks. IIHS tested one such side guard, called AngelWing, and the tests were telling. When a midsize car crashed into the side of an AngelWing-equipped semi-truck at 35mph, the front of the car crumpled, but crash test dummies were protected by air bags and seat belts. With the AngelWing removed, the top of the car was sheared off and the…
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Go Heels! UNC to Play in NCAA Championship Final Tonight!

Our Tar Heels continue to keep us on the edge of our seats with these last-minute, game-winning shots! Go #KennedyMeeks, #GoHeels, our UNC alums can’t wait to watch you guys win the NCAA championship game tonight!

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Is Your TV Spying on You?

In this age of information, we all have to worry about someone spying on us. Whether it’s on the internet, or when you’re using your credit card in a store, you’ve come to expect intruding eyes in many places. Did you expect one of those places to be your living room? Why Is Your TV Spying on You? A lot of your home devices are connected to the internet 24/7 now. From your cellphone to your refrigerator, your home is connected in ways no one could’ve imagined two decades ago. Sometimes this extra connectivity is good and helpful, but every once in a while, that connection is misused. You just don’t expect the manufacturer of your TV to be the one misusing that connection. Vizio, one of the largest TV manufacturers in the country, has been taken to court for spying on its customers. The company’s smart TVs had software…
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