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Sometimes you need legal help with your home, and so our Macon personal injury attorneys have posted stories to help.

McArthur Law Firm Set to Appear in Georgia Supreme Court

Personal Injury Attorneys Katherine L. McArthur and Caleb F. Walker, both of the McArthur Law Firm will travel to Atlanta to argue before the Georgia Supreme Court. The story can be read HERE.

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Why Should You Hire a Work Injury Lawyer?

When you’ve been hurt at work, a lot of people believe they should just let their employer handle the medical treatment. I often hear “I thought they’d take care of me,” and “My boss said to send him the bill.” Many people believe that being a good employee means their employer or their insurance company will automatically take good care of them if they get injured on the job. Sadly, this often not the case. Though hiring a lawyer seems like a scary step, there are several reasons why having an attorney can benefit you, especially if you hire a work injury lawyer toward the beginning of your case. First and foremost, no matter how wonderful your boss or company may be, when you get hurt on the job it is traditionally the insurance company that is calling the shots. The insurance company, unlike your boss, doesn’t know you. The…
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