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You need to know about the latest rulings from the Georgia Supreme Court, and our Macon personal injury attorneys have those updates here.

Did A Surprise Witness Just Revive A Georgia Malpractice Lawsuit?

The trial had dragged on far longer than anyone had anticipated, and it seemed that the case was finally winding down. The doctor at the center of the case had just finished denying the validity of an electronic medical record discrepancy when the plaintiff called a surprise witness. However, that witness would never take the stand, and the subsequent verdict would take one paraplegic all the way to the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Did A Surprise Witness Just Revive A Georgia Malpractice Lawsuit? In December 2009, a patient who had undergone back surgery was rushed to the emergency room after complications arose. He was put on a regimen of antibiotics and underwent several surgeries, but he was soon recovering from the complication. However, on December 21st of that year, the patient’s condition took a turn. He lost the ability to move his legs, and after a day of tests…
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McArthur Law Firm Set to Appear in Georgia Supreme Court

Personal Injury Attorneys Katherine L. McArthur and Caleb F. Walker, both of the McArthur Law Firm will travel to Atlanta to argue before the Georgia Supreme Court. The story can be read HERE.

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