Why is a Car Crash Not Really an Accident?

1. Kathy McArthur - Why is a Car Crash Not Really an Accident- (0-00-25-12)

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Call a Car Crash an Accident

Someone may call that car collision an accident, but it is anything but. There is always something someone could have done to prevent what happened, but were they willing to make that extra effort? Here’s Kathy McArthur to explain just how important the distinction between an auto collision and a car accident truly is.

Video Transcription

What I mean by that there are no accidents is, there’s an explanation for why everything happens. And I think people use the term accident to mean someone didn’t mean to do something. So, to the extent that “it was an accident, I didn’t mean to” that’s true but when you look behind why something happened, it’s not an accident. It’s something where you could have done something different. You could have been more safe. You could have followed the rules. You could have not been in a hurry. You could have done things that would have prevented something from happening. So that’s why I say it’s a collision, it’s not an accident. It’s, you know, it’s rare that we’ve proved that somebody intentionally did something to someone. And yes, it’s an accident, because you didn’t mean to. And God, you’d take it back if you could. So, that’s why I say there are no accidents, because what our job is to do to help people who have been injured or their family member killed, is to help them on the front end. Figure out where they go from here and help them as far as finding whatever resources there are in the community. Or their insurance. Or their health insurance, their disability insurance. Their life insurance, whatever, help them move forward while we’re investigating to find out why did this happen. At the McArthur law firm our job is to fight for you to make sure you get justice and reasonable compensation for your injuries. To get in touch with us call 1(888) WE-FIGHT or go to our website McArthurLawFirm.com.