Can Medical Malpractice Cases Change Hospital Policies?

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Macon Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains How Medical Negligence Cases Can Reshape Standard of Care

Many of our clients who have been seriously injured by medical negligence want to make sure what happened to them does not happen to others in the future. In this video, medical malpractice attorney Kathy McArthur explains how lawsuits regarding failure to diagnose cancer have changed doctor practices for the better. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the number of med mal cases involving failure to diagnose cancer in the future.

Video Transcription

Medical malpractice cases really change medicine and how it’s practiced, particularly when it happens, something bad happens to a young person. So we’ve had several cases involving young women who had cervical cancer, young women he had breast cancer, who didn’t get biopsies done because people presumed because they were young that they didn’t have cancer. But it turned out they did and they, when a person gets cancer at a young age the prognosis usually is worse because it’s usually very aggressive, so in the cases that we’ve had involving young women who got breast cancer or cervical cancer, in every case they’ve died. Medicine in this area has changed, in that doctors routinely biopsy lesions on the cervix of a young woman who comes in and has a problem, and most times it’s not cancer, but it’s worth it for the time that it is cancer. So medical malpractice cases improve the quality of medicine for everybody, it makes it clear to doctors what they should be doing, and it just improves the standard of care and it improves health care by demonstrating what should’ve been done and what can happen if you don’t do it. And it gets the word out. Because a lot of times when medical errors occur, no one ever knows. So there is a lot of good that comes from medical malpractice cases and most of the time, that good is what the family is seeking. At the McArthur Law Firm our job is to fight for you, to make sure you get justice and reasonable compensation for your injuries. To get in touch with us call 1-888-WE-FIGHT (1-888-933-4448) or go to our website