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Dog Walkers Sue Animal Shelter After Being Mauled By Dog

iStock_75676055_LARGE-768x513.jpgWe wrote last week about a bill being pushed through the Georgia legislature that would make dog bite reporting rules more robust, in hopes of reducing the rates of dog bites. This week, we have another story about dog bites, this time involving two young women volunteering at a no-kill animal shelter.

Georgia Lawmakers Consider Changes to Dog Bite Reporting

iStock_30818430_LARGE-768x512.jpgLast month, a six-year-old boy in Atlanta was mauled to death by two pit bulls on the way to a bus stop. The incident has led to the proposal of new dog bite reporting rules in the Georgia House. State Rep. Keisha Waites (D-Atlanta) filed the bill, known as Logan's Law, and would require annual, breed-specific statistics on dog bite injuries when any dog on a proposed list is sold. It would also require reporting of statistics for medical costs related to dog bites, as well as litigation awards from lawsuits related to dog bites.

What Would You Do If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth?

A 9-year-old arrived home late after what his mother thought was a typical day at school, but when she saw the boy, she knew something wasn't right. Her son's face was swollen and when she opened his mouth she discovered that three of his teeth were missing. Worst of all, she discovered that the boy's school was responsible.

Do You Know How to Spot a Concussion?

upset-patient-talking-to-doc.jpgRecent scientific studies have confirmed what medical professionals have been warning people about for years. Concussions are far more dangerous than society has ever imagined. These traumatic brain injuries have been linked to depression, mood swings, and below average school performance. This could worry any parent, especially since these injuries often go undetected. Well, your Macon brain injury attorneys are looking out for you, and we've got some symptoms for you to watch out for.

Are Trampoline Parks Safe For Kids?

knee-injury-patient-with-doc.jpgWe've talked to you about how lawsuits have helped increase the public's awareness of childhood traumatic brain injuries. This new awareness may be the source of a rise in head injury diagnoses across the country, but researchers may have also found another contributing cause. Trampoline parks are quickly becoming a regular pastime for kids all over the country. But as the number of these parks grows, so too does the number of injuries to our children.

Should A Georgia Nursing Home Pay For An Accidental Fire?

June 2015, a retirement community in Evans lights up the night sky as a fire rages. The local fire department responds immediately, yet a woman dies. Now-a year later-residents and their families are still picking up the pieces, and some have filed lawsuits against the retirement community administrators, but do they have a case to seek damages?

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