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What Caused the Deadly Amtrak Accident in Seattle?

iStock-465912064-resize-300x200.jpgDevastation struck DuPont, Washington on Monday, December 18 when the Amtrak Cascades 501 train derailed on its maiden voyage from Seattle to Portland. The train was carrying 86 people when it rounded a curve at nearly three times the speed limit. It left the tracks and hurled passenger cars off an overpass and into rush hour traffic on the road below. More than 100 people were hospitalized and at least three passengers were killed.

Could Your FitBit Be Used to Help Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

iStock-508178484-resize-300x200.jpgThe world is always changing, and nowhere is this change more obvious that in the world of technology. New devices and information technology are changing our lives daily. Now a new deal between two different tech companies could change the way your healthcare works. This change could also affect your future personal injury lawsuit.

Proving Damages in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

iStock-531917486-resize-300x200.jpgAccording to the CDC, over 2 million people reside in nursing homes and that number continues to increase every year. Nursing homes are expected to provide a safe, comfortable environment for their residents and take care of their increasing needs. Unfortunately, in some nursing homes, residents are subjected to abuse rather than care. It is possible to file a legal claim against the abusive caretaker or nursing home. However, you will be required to prove the abuse happened and any injuries sustained by the resident resulted from the abuse.

Did You Know That Social Media Could Affect Your Injury Claim?

iStock-500840500-resize-300x199.jpgDo you use social media? Based on studies, the answer is probably yes. After all, in 2014, Pew Research Center published a report stating that almost three-quarters of Internet users were active on social media, a number that has surely increased since then. Social media is a useful tool for keeping up with your correspondences as well as networking with potential employers or dates, but social media can have a dark side, too. If you are involved in a personal injury claim, for example, your social media pages can actually have a negative impact on your ability to recover damages.

Does The NCAA Have To Worry About Concussion Lawsuits Too?

mcarthur-logo-m-icon.pngChronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), three words that have changed the game of football forever, three words that have come to haunt the NFL. CTE is a condition known to develop in football payers who sustain multiple concussions without proper treatment. Players who have sustained such injuries have taken the NFL to court and sought damages for their suffering and medical costs, but the professional sports league isn't the only organization under fire from the victims of CTE.

Do You Know How to Identify Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is not confined to physical abuse like nursing home neglect. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), it also includes "financial or material exploitation", which can take many forms but usually involves a scam of some kind designed to cheat seniors out of money or assets. If you have an elderly relative or loved one, you should know how to identify elder abuse like this and what you should do if you discover a scammer. The best defense against financial elder abuse is an alert and involved family, especially if your relative is prone to memory problems or confusion.

Is The Postal Service A Danger To Motorcyclists?

On November 10, 2012, a drywall contractor hopped onto his motorcycle to go make a bid for a job. His girlfriend decided to join him, and they rode off and onto Ga. 198. Along the way, the couple got stuck behind a mail truck that was out and about on its rounds. When the truck pulled to the right, the contractor pulled past-thinking that the postal truck was pulling over to deliver mail-but the postal service driver was actually preparing for a left-hand turn.

Could Cameras In The Operating Room Help Fight Malpractice?

The instant replay has been helping sports stars improve their game for years. So, why can't doctors use the same technology to help physicians make fewer mistakes in the operating room (OR)? A study out of Toronto University seeks to answer that question, and its findings could make the OR a much safer place to visit.

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