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What Will the Largest Study of Student Athlete Concussions Tell Us?

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the leading causes of hospital visits for young children, and most of those injuries turn out to be concussions. Whether the injury is from a child falling off a swing, or is from that child being tackled while playing football, concussions are a serious injury. However, there may be a new tool in the fight against these injuries.

Has a Carnival Cruise Become Deadly for a Local Warner Robins Man?

mcarthur-logo-m-icon1.pngToday in Warner Robins, a family is seeking answers. They wait for a full report on why their son didn't come home from the cruise ship vacation he and his wife left for on Saturday February 11th. And as of right now, the Coast Guard and Carnival Cruise Line have very few details to give them.

Will Consumer Contracts Keep Wells Fargo Victims from Suing?

iStock_88030849_LARGE-768x512.jpgHave you heard of arbitration clauses? If you haven't, then here's what you need to know. These clauses are in consumer contracts in almost every industry, from nursing homes to cable companies to cell phone providers. However, it's the presence of arbitration clauses in banking contracts that's starting a real stir, and it could affect millions of Wells Fargo victims.

Wells Fargo Changes Its Employee Pay Plan. Is It Too Little Too Late?

Being a bank teller can be pretty tough sometimes. You interact with a lot of people and you're trusted to handle those people's money, but you're also an employee of the bank. Just as in most workplaces, bank tellers are expected to abide by their employer's policies, and that's where the trouble started for Wells Fargo.

What Bo Didn't Know About Concussions Could Have Changed Football History

iStock_70197173_LARGE-768x565.jpgIn recent years, worries over concussions suffered while playing sports has multiplied astronomically. Studies are showing that the problem is worse than anybody feared, but many parents and sports fans seem to think that this isn't as big of a problem as the media is portraying it. However, as more evidence appears, even professional athletes are starting to become concerned.

Has Tesla Recovered from the Fatal Autopilot Crash?

accident-skyview.jpgA Dutch family was returning home from Belgium when they ran into some trouble. Two SUVs in front of the family's car crashed together, and it appeared that their car might get swept up in the crash. However, this family was riding in a Tesla Model X-equipped with an autonomous driving system that has proven both good and bad.

Did Prudential Use the Wells Fargo Scandal for Profit?

iStock_88030849_LARGE-768x512.jpgMonths ago, we learned that Wells Fargo employees had created millions of fraudulent credit card and bank accounts. These employees had buckled under pressure to meet impossible sales goals, and now Wells Fargo is facing fines and lawsuits from its customers, former-employees, and federal regulators. However, the company probably didn't expect to face scrutiny from its business partners as well.

Should Crash Victims Sue the Bus Company?

iStock_70197173_LARGE-768x565.jpgIt was early morning on the first of November when disaster struck. A school bus carrying children to school slammed into a Ford Mustang before careening into a public transit bus. The crash injured 11 people, but five others didn't make it. This tragedy has left a community in shock and wondering who is responsible for this fatal crash.

Is That Real Fruit in Your Krispy Kreme Donuts, Or Is It False Advertising?

mcarthur-logo-m-icon2.pngDo you like donuts? A lot of us do, but do you expect to get vitamins from your donut? Well, there's a new lawsuit out there that claims Krispy Kreme donuts don't have the vitamins they should. So, is this a case of false advertising, or is this a donut fan expecting too much?

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