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Is This Pharmaceutical Liability Case the Deadliest in Medical History?

iStock_91689079_LARGE-768x513.jpgIn 2013, a woman in her seventies was rushed to the hospital due to fungal meningitis. A year earlier, she had been taken to the hospital, sick with the same potentially deadly disease. Luckily, she survived her second bout with the illness, but not without a price. This woman now suffers from hearing loss and back pain due to her illness, and she is not alone in her struggles with this deadly disease.

Will Your Doctor Admit to a Medical Error?

When you go to the doctor, you expect them to be upfront and honest with you. The interests of your doctor should be to help you, even if the doctor you're seeing is checking up on a previous diagnosis from another doctor. So, would it surprise you to learn that this isn't always what happens?

Can Medical Malpractice Turn Chemotherapy Deadly?

He was young, only 21 years old, when he was diagnosed with cancer. This California man was told that he had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but a treatment was available. That man underwent treatment at Kaiser Permanente Santa Teresa Medical Center in August of 2005, but he never got the chance to get better.

Why Is the Victim of a Flesh Eating Bacteria Suing for Malpractice?

On May 25, 2015, a 34-year-old former marine went to her local urgent care center. However, the nurses and doctors failed to realize what her symptoms meant, and soon the brave veteran and mother of two was fighting for her life. Luckily, the woman survived, but at a high price... And we aren't just talking about her medical bills.

You'll Never Guess What the Third Leading Cause of Death in the USA Is!

We all know that heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in America, but do you know the third? Some of you probably think it's death by car accident or firearm, but you'd be wrong. It turns out that the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical error, but the reason you didn't know that might actually be because someone is hiding that fact from you.

Do Stem Cell Treatments Need To Be Regulated?

Have you heard of stem cell treatments? They have been touted as the miracle cure to all sorts of ailments. From degenerated knees, to heart disease and immunity conditions, stem cells can fix your ills... or can they? A new study from Cell Stem Cell-a scholarly journal-questions these fantastic claims.

Is America Being Infected By Malpractice? Can The Government Do Anything About It?

A man takes his daughter to the hospital for an appendicitis. Surgery goes well, and before he knows it, his daughter is recovering. Fast forward several months and the man receives a letter from the hospital. It asks that he get his daughter tested for HIV. Just what went wrong, and why do 3,000 other people have to get tested for this disease, too?

Who Actually Pays a Medical Malpractice Settlement?

Most people trust doctors and other healthcare professionals to help make them healthier. However, when doctors are negligent or make mistakes, they could potentially harm a patient or make an existing condition much worse. If that happens, you may want to file a medical malpractice suit against the doctor who harmed you. You have probably seen headlines at some point announcing medical malpractice lawsuits that have settled for millions of dollars. However, you may not know exactly who pays a medical malpractice settlement - and how it could limit the amount of money you actually get.

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