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New technology could reduce the likelihood of truck crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck crashes are extremely dangerous. Large trucks are often thousands of pounds heavier than the vehicles around them, so a crash is likely to damage other vehicles badly and potentially even crush the people inside them.

Studies have been looking into ways to reduce the damage caused by these crashes, and one has determined that large trucks could be involved in fewer rear-end collisions by having front crash prevention installed. According to the research released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, trucks with forward collision warning combined with automatic emergency braking are at a lower risk of rear-ending other vehicles. It’s believed that around two out of every five large truck crashes could be eliminated with these pieces of technology.

Researchers found improved crash prevention with new technologies

During the study, the researchers found that trucks that had forward collision warning go into around 22% fewer collisions. With just the improved braking technology, they were involved in 12% fewer collisions than vehicles without the technology. Together, they reduced crashes by between 44% and 41% respectively.

It was already known that AEB technology worked well in passenger vehicles, but this study shows that it could help large trucks as well. AEB systems automatically apply the brakes to reduce the risk of crashing or to reduce the severity of an impact when it does happen.

Right now, no one in the United States is required to have these types of safety technology in place. That being said, 20 automakers have decided to make AEB standard in passenger vehicles. The goal is to make sure the trucking industry follows suit.

New technology makes the roads safer

New safety technology has the potential to reduce the number of truck crashes on the road and to help people stay safer. For now, not all trucks will have these technologies installed, so it’s important for drivers to be wary. If you need to slow down and a large truck is behind you, try to slow down over time and reduce the likelihood of the driver not having enough time to stop.

If you are hit, you may be able to pursue a claim against a driver who was not paying attention or who was unable to stop due to their own recklessness.