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Car folded in half in collision with two semi trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

A crash with a commercial truck is like no other motor vehicle collision. The sheer size and power that an 18-wheeler possesses makes it perhaps the most potentially destructive vehicle on the roads of Georgia. In the hands of a negligent driver, a semi can cause terrible property damage — and, more importantly, serious bodily harm.

A woman recently experienced this first-hand in a crash with two semis that, according to USA TODAY, “caused her vehicle to fold over itself.”

Details of an unbelievable truck crash

The woman was driving behind one of the trucks and in front of the other. As the lead truck approached a bridge, the truck driver slowed down, and the woman in the car did the same. But the truck behind her did not slow down in time and crashed into her. It was going so fast that it ran over her vehicle, crushing it. By the time it finally stopped, the truck’s cab was resting entirely on top of the car. You have to see the photos of the scene to truly grasp the violence of this incident.

Incredibly, the car’s driver was not seriously hurt in this truck accident. After emergency responders arranged for a tow truck to lift the semi off of the woman’s car, she managed to escape through an opening on the passenger side. She was left with minor injuries to her head, face and ribs.

Police cited the truck driver for tailgating. Had this crash seriously injured the automobile driver, the driver and their employer might have been fully liable for her damages. Typical damages from a severe truck accident include lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.