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McArthur Law Firm secures a $12 Million verdict for its clients

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

In 2016, a woman suffered permanent brain damage due to medication mistakes after surgery. As a result of the mistakes, the woman’s entire personality changed, becoming more child-like and impulsive. We at the McArthur Law Firm took on the case and our aggressive approach brought a verdict that will allow our client and her family to move forward.

The origin of the injury

April Baxley, our client, has diabetes. Her surgical team discontinued her insulin in the lead-up to gallbladder surgery, planning to put her back on it as she recovered. Unfortunately, once in recovery, the surgeon ordered the wrong type of insulin at a vastly higher dosage, which put Ms. Baxley into a two-week coma.

As a result of the coma, Ms. Baxley’s personality was permanently changed. She had to re-learn to walk and continues to struggle with aspects of her mobility to this day.

A complicated trial

In the years since the start of the lawsuit, there was little change in the stance between our attorneys and the defendants. As trial approached, however, the hospital and nurse chose to settle. This left only the surgeon as the defendant, who passed away late in 2020

However, despite complications, our team pursued the facts and laid out a comprehensive, compelling case against the surgeon. After a lengthy back-and-forth in deliberations, the jury handed down a $12 million verdict.

Accountability matters

When healthcare workers make mistakes, those mistakes can have lasting, devastating consequences. These consequences demand accountability, and McArthur Law Firm fights to get the outcomes their clients deserve. We are proud to count this as yet another success.