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With teen driver week some tips for parents—and teens

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Uncategorized |

As teen driver week (October 21 through the 28th) comes to a close safety advocate groups are urging both parents and new teen drivers to keep basic automobile safety in mind, especially as more than 40% of parents do not discuss safe driving on a regular basis, according to a recent article by the Insurance Journal.

Now, Allstate, which sponsored the survey revealing the 40% statistic, is urging teens to “flip the script” and approach their parents with a conversation about safety, the rules of the road, and general motor vehicle awareness.

Survey says: teens get in accidents

According to Allstate’s survey, automobile accidents remain the number one killer of those aged 16 to 23. This, despite the fact that two thirds of parents think their own teens are safe drivers, and three-in-four believe that their teen does not engage in unsafe behaviors.

Many parents (two thirds of those surveyed) believed they themselves were safe drivers as teenagers.

Distractions, speeding and dangers on the roadway

As is the trend nationwide—with drivers of all ages—phone usage while operating a vehicle remains the chief safety concern. Distracted driving is now one of the leading causes of car accidents, though phone usage is by no means the only distraction. Many drivers fidget with the radio or become distracted by their surroundings.

Parents across the country are continuously urged to speak to their teen drivers about safe driving habits. Whether that includes putting away the phone, not being concerned with the playlist while driving, or just keeping the rules of the road in mind, automobile safety is easy to discuss, but often hard to keep in mind while driving.