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When trucks topple over

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There are many types of semitruck accidents, but other than fatal crashes, perhaps none that can shut down an interstate or highway longer than those involving trucks that lose their cargo.

In recent months, there has been an uptick of incidents involving trucks losing their loads after tipping over onto the highway. Let’s look at a few recent trucking mishaps that made the news.

Going bananas

When a trucker rolled his rig over across all four lanes of traffic around 3:30 p.m. on May 1 in Kansas City, Kansas, the subsequent fuel leak shut down Interstate 635 for hours until the fuel was contained and the truck towed from the scene.

I scream, you scream

A truck driver hauling Blue Bell ice cream took a ramp too fast and tipped over in Texas. The accident occurred in Burleson County on May 17 as the trucker was attempting to negotiate the ramp onto Farm to Market Road 60 from Farm to Market Road 50. While there were no reports of spilled ice cream, media outlet KWTX reported that the ice cream would need to be tossed out if the refrigeration units on the truck were damaged.

Oh, honey

On May 15, a semitruck hauling honey overturned on the Borman Expressway in Lake County, Indiana, due to a broken axle shortly before the morning rush hour. The spilled diesel fuel and honey mix that oozed over the Expressway at Calumet Avenue caused delays to commuters until the spill could be contained.

Pre-mixed salad?

Georgia was not immune to the recent spate of trucks overturning and losing their loads. Back in April, for unspecified reasons, a semitruck hauling vegetables and fruits flipped over in Atlanta at Spaghetti Junction on Interstate 285. According to a report by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, it took crews several hours to clear the produce and the wrecked truck from multiple lanes of traffic.

Toppled trucks pose hazards

Spilled contents aside, any time that a large and heavy semitruck tips over onto the highway, all occupants of smaller passenger vehicles in the vicinity are at risk of grave injuries.

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