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Can newer cars help older Americans reduce accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Even with all their experience and knowledge gained by being behind the wheel for so many years, senior drivers are the ones who find themselves as the group with the highest amount of accidents. Drivers 65 and older are twice as likely to be involved in an accident than a younger driver. In addition, 70 percent of drivers over 65 suffer from health conditions ranging from arthritis to vision problems that can greatly reduce their driving performance.

The good news is the auto industry and new technology have both come together to make driving easier for everybody. For seniors, this new technology can fill in for deficiencies due to their age or physical limitations.

Automobile technology to assist seniors

Rear view camera with guidelines – One of the hardest maneuvers for anyone to do regardless of your age is to look back while going in reverse in a car. For seniors it can be extra difficult to contort their bodies to look back or even see a rear view mirror properly. Being able to watch a screen in front of you is only part of the convenience of going in reverse. The screens will usually come with guidelines and a gauge to let you know how close you are to an object.

Blind spot monitoring – Those tricky blind spots can be the cause for devastating accidents while on the roads. Drivers can now be made aware of a car in their blind spot by a signal in their side view mirror.

Lane departure warning – For drowsy drivers or anyone who is having trouble staying awake, they can now be alerted if they suddenly drift out of their lane. The alert comes in the form of a chime or bell. Future technology will be able to move the wheel for you to get you back into your lane.

Crash mitigation technology – Sensors in front of the car will detect other cars in your path and will adjust your speed to make sure you maintain a safe distance. Advanced systems can also apply the brakes all the way to a full stop if you are delayed in your actions.

Curve speed warning – With traction and stability control systems in place, your car can let you know if you are taking a curve or sharp turn too fast. The car can then automatically reduce your speed up to 10 mph to keep you under control.

Adaptive headlights – Besides automatically turning on and off based on the how light or dark it is outside, these headlights can extend visibility by swiveling in any direction allowing for more area to be seen than to what is only in front of you.

These new technological advancements in cars can make driving easier for everyone, not just seniors. However, if you are a senior and have been concerned about safety or having the proper ability to operate a motor vehicle, then you might be surprised with what a new car can offer you.