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Could Your FitBit Be Used to Help Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2018 | PersonalInjury |


The world is always changing, and nowhere is this change more obvious that in the world of technology. New devices and information technology are changing our lives daily. Now a new deal between two different tech companies could change the way your healthcare works. This change could also affect your future personal injury lawsuit.

How FitBit and Google May Be Changing the Way a Personal Injury Lawsuit Works

On April 30th, Google and FitBit, Inc. announced an unexpected partnership. FitBit, which makes wearable health monitoring devices, will have access to Google’s Cloud Healthcare API. So, what does this mean for you? It means that users may be able to connect their FitBit profiles with their electronic medical records. This will allow healthcare professionals to use the data for your FitBit to help diagnose your ailments or create a treatment plan for you. This has the potential of changing the way modern healthcare works, but there are other uses that could benefit you.

When a person is injured due to the negligence of others, they often have to file a personal injury lawsuit. These suits allow victims to recover damages and losses suffered due to their injuries, but it can sometimes be hard to prove these injuries. That’s where data from your FitBit can come in handy.

FitBit data taken from before and after your injury can show how your injury is affecting your life. Changes in exercise, steps, sleep patterns and distance walked can indicate the severity of an injury that’s harder to see. And though this data is already available to FitBit users, having it as a part of your medical records has benefits. As part of your medical records, FitBit data can be analyzed and interpreted by your physician. That analysis can be invaluable court.

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