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Was Reckless Driving the Reason A Child Lost Her Life?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2018 | ChildSafety, |


On January 29th, a school bus on it’s way to Parkwood and Pearl Stephens Elementary schools crashed on Forest Park Drive. The crash sent several students to the hospital and parents rushed to find out if their kids were safe. However, one couple received unbearable news that has led them to filing a lawsuit against the school district for reckless driving.

How Is a School District Responsible for a Bus Crash?

It was early in the morning as a 2000 model-year Bluebird bus owned by the Houston County School System was making its rounds. Several students were already on board, awaiting their final stops as the bus came to a bend in Forest Park Drive. Those kids wouldn’t make it to school that day.

According to police, the bus entered that corner too quickly, which forced the vehicle off of the roadway. Once off road, the bus tipped onto its side, throwing a 6-year-old from the vehicle. When authorities arrived, they rushed the girl to the hospital, but the next morning she passed away. Several other students were transported to a nearby hospital for cuts, bruises and broken bones.

When it comes to the safety of our children, school districts have a duty to keep them reasonably safe. If these districts fail to do so, they could be held responsible for the damage done to children and their families. In the case of the little girl who lost her life in this bus crash, her parents have filed a lawsuit against the district and the driver of the school bus.

When it comes to your child’s safety and questionable behavior on the part of a school district, parents should turn to an experienced attorney. Lawyers can help parents understand their legal rights, and they can help investigate difficult circumstances. To learn more, keep following the attorneys that fight for Macon at McArthur Law Firm.