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What to Know About Georgia’s New Distracted Driving Law

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | DistractedDriving |


Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 673 (Hands-Free Georgia Act), Georgia’s distracted driving law. Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents in our state and across the US. Georgia’s new law was passed in remembrance of five Georgia Southern University nursing students who died in a 2015 truck accident. The truck’s driver later admitted that he was using a mobile phone before the crash.

Under the new law, drivers must use “hands-free” technology if they are using mobile phones or other electronic devices while driving. You cannot perform the following actions once the new law goes into effect:

  • Holding (or supporting with any part of the body) an electronic device. Smart watches do not count.
  • Writing, sending or reading text-based communications. This includes emails, text messages, instant messages or other internet data while holding your device.
  • Watching videos or movies that are not related to the navigation of your vehicle (such as GPS or map apps) while driving. You can also not record videos while driving under the new law.

You can use hands-free technology to take phone calls or to send text messages. There are cases where you could handle an electronic device while driving, such as reporting accidents or road hazards. You can also handle a mobile phone or electronic device if you are legally parked.

Georgia’s hands-free law does create exceptions for emergency personnel who are performing their job duties. An exception also exists for contractors or utility workers who are responding to work-related emergencies.

The Hands-Free Georgia Act goes into effect on July 1. You can face consequences, including fines, if you are caught breaking the law after this date.

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