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Seven Sources of Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

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Evidence could come from multiple sources during a truck accidentcase. Many modern commercial trucks are outfitted with high-tech gear that may have recorded what occurred in the moments leading up to a crash. In addition to these sources of evidence, commercial trucking companies are required to follow strict state and federal regulations. Compliance with these regulations may require companies to maintain records that could also become useful evidence during a case. Evidence from a truck accident case might include:

  1. The truck’s black box. You have probably heard the term “black box” before if you are familiar with airplane crash investigations. Similar to the black box in commercial aircraft, most commercial trucks have hardware that record specific information. A truck’s electronic control module (black box) may record speed, driving time, hard braking events and other types of important information.
  2. The truck’s electronic logging device (ELD). We recently published a blog on electronic logging devices (ELDs). An ELD can record the driving time of a vehicle and the distance driven.
  3. The driver’s qualification file (DQ file). These are files on drivers that are kept by commercial trucking companies. DQ files may contain information that could become useful during a lawsuit, such as whether the driver was qualified to operate a commercial vehicle.
  4. Video footage. There could be video footage of your wreck. Witnesses may have recorded the crash with their smart phones. Many businesses also use video recorders. Truck dash cameras may also contain footage.
  5. Maintenance and inspection records. Records may show that trucks were not properly maintained. A vehicle’s inspection history could also point to poor maintenance practices.
  6. Injuries. Medical records and other documentation of injuries caused by a crash could become evidence.
  7. Vehicle damage. The damage inflicted upon your vehicle could be used as evidence. Post-accident photographs or accident reconstruction techniques may help show what happened.

Our Macon Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help Protect Evidence

Evidence after a truck crash can easily be destroyed or altered hours later. Most commercial trucking insurers send an investigator to the scene of a crash within 24 hours after an accident occurs. This person may try to control the evidence.

Therefore, you should not wait to speak with an attorney if you or loved ones were hurt in a collision with a commercial truck. The Macon truck accident lawyers at McArthur Law Firm would set out right away to preserve evidence that may be crucial to your case. We have extensive experience with truck accident cases in Georgia and have a proven record of securing compensation for our clients.